Case Studies of B2B Solutions for Financial Industry

The B2B solution for the financial sector is a case of a well-designed and verified strategy to deal with each user of the online system.
This section shows the cases of implemented projects for the financial sector. These are ready-to-use out-of-the-box solutions or customized versions, both based on the AGORA platform. The constructor-like solution enables prompt implementation of the necessary business modules, API integration, and development of customized features.

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VTB Business Connect

VTB Business Connect is a B2B marketplace for the automation of low-value purchases for the VTB Group.


B2B Marketplace, Finance

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Solution from agora:
  • Automation of procurements, including price requests, item-by-item and other procurements, with a user-friendly interface and quick organization of all processes. Additional savings can be made through fair competition and competitive pricing.
  • A stable system that can handle heavy daily loads: low-value procurements via catalog with almost 1 million items, involving 13,188 suppliers, 100,000 buyers and almost 25,000 transactions.
  • Creating a range of services for SMEs, including secured escrow deals where the Bank acts as an independent guarantee.
  • Using the resource as a separate and efficient sales channel. Through the AGORA Export Manager module, suppliers can offload their goods to marketplaces, including international markets. Integration with such powerful platforms as eBay, Amazon, Aliexpres, TMall, and Yandex.Market.
  • Single or batch loading of goods via XML, Yandex.Market and other formats.
  • The online Export Academy module, which provides support, benefits, and other assistance from the Russian Export Centre (REC) for any potential exporter. The Export Calculator, which keeps you advised of the best placement of your goods to maximize your results.
  • The VTB Business Connect mobile app, which enables ordering, placing products, bidding and notifications.
  • In-platform EDI, including qualified e-signatures (cloud or flashcard).
  • Fast loans in automatic mode.
  • Analytics and reports, bidding updates, news and other useful data.
  • Integration with 1C, My Warehouse.
  • Personal shops of suppliers with showcases.
  • Billing module for suppliers.
  • Smart full-text search ElasticSearch.