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For over 10 years we have been developing and implementing effective B2B e-commerce solutions. During this time, more than 500 projects of varying degrees of complexity have been successfully implemented. This section presents only a few examples of the company's developments, which are presented in the form of B2B and B2C cases.

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RailAlliance LLC is a large Russian company supplying a wide range of components for JSC Russian Railways, SUE Moskovsky Metropolitan. It is a part of the Transmashholding JSC (TMH) group - a leading manufacturer of railway and urban rail transport in the Russian Federation and CIS.


E-procurement, Mechanical Engineering

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Solution from agora:
  • Implementation of AGORA's electronic trading platform 223, enabling reduction of costs and competitive procurement. Substantial savings, including lower final procurement prices on 20-30 % lower than the average market prices. Cost reduction reached 4% after launching the e-trading platform.
  • Electronic trading platform with a full cycle of procedures: price request, commercial proposals, tenders, item-by-item, multi-lot, multi-stage and other procurements.
  • Electronic document interchange (EDI) with a digital signature.
  • Integration with ERP, 1C.
  • Vendor certification and qualification mechanism within the platform.
  • High volumes of procurements managed in parallel, with a high performance of the system.
  • An electronic store for low-volume procurements that can be used not only by purchasers. The module is also available as an integrated b2b portal with order processing, order tracking, and other basic operations.
  • Production Management.
  • Integration with TMH logistics service.
  • Developing full SCM (Supply Chain Management) cycle within AGORA platform.
  • Full-text search ElasticSearch.
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Russian Railways

The company Russian Railways was founded in 2003. It is a state-owned company of the Russian Federation and is one of the world's biggest railway operators. It carries out enormous volumes of passengers, freight and special transportation daily.


B2B Marketplace, Mechanical Engineering

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Solution from agora:
  • The Russian Railways e-procurement system, which allows over 500 company employees to promptly purchase products and order services from over 4,000 suppliers. E-shop.
  • Personalized private account and prices by contracts for each supplier.
  • Integration with Excel, Yml and ERP.
  • Electronic document interchange.
  • Claims tracking.
  • Analyses, statistics and reports.
  • Built-in "smart search" ElasticSearch to find desired categories both by a single word and full-text requests.