Create B2B or B2C
Marketplace quickly

On MVP-model it can be launched within 1-3 weeks!

Business scaling

B2C and B2B architecture of the AGORA platform withstands high loads: up to 20-30 thousand users, more than 20 million SKU

Reduce costs

Automate your business with an online marketplace, minimize human factor costs and increase company profits

Fast start

You won't have to wait long for the marketplace creation. By applying the MVP model, you will be able to do this already in the first month

Marketplace solutions

All solutions are available by SaaS cloud subscription or with the purchase of an On-premise boxed license

Marketplace B2B and B2C

Unite your company’s sales on a single platform B2B, B2C, C2C

PIM System

Centralized management of large arrays of product data

Industry marketplaces

Onboarding, “Punch In” purchasing model, Catalogs

B2C / B2B Marketplace features

Marketplace builder

Create and customize marketplace easily to connect vendors and buyers

MVP Model

Minimum viable product can be created within 1-3 weeks

Content features

Web-content management and data normalization

Project scaling

Provided by using the Django template engine or the SPA (React JS) technology

Product Matching

Allows to compare suppliers price lists with cards and product categories on the platform

Industry solutions

FinTech start-ups launching and other industry-specific and complex solutions


Supplier's account for integrating the marketplace into an existing online store

Search Engine

Fast and convenient content search using Elasticsearch technology

Homepage Builder

Customize your homepage to suit your business needs


Powerful order analytics providing a complete overview on the platform


Self-implementation of marketplaces without the need to contact developers

Convenient payment

SaaS and On-Premise payment options for development and implementation

Functions and options for creating a successful marketplace project with AGORA

  • list Allows to create a tailor-made corporate design for your B2C and B2B trading platform (marketplace)
  • list 200+ pluggable business modules
  • list Integration with accounting systems, CRM, SAP, etc.
  • list Online account for each user with customizable access, catalog, prices, special offers and other adjustable options
  • list Automatching of added products with existing categories and reference cards
  • list Marketing module: discounts, promotions, news
  • list Add products and other content manually or automatically - using Excel or through integration with ERP
  • list Roles and multiroles of employees (access rights management)
  • list Setting up order routing
  • list Smart Search
  • list Multilingual
  • list Analytics and reporting
  • list Reviews and ratings
  • list Compliance
  • list Open directory
  • list Internal messenger
  • list Rest API
  • list Virtual currency
  • list Claims
  • list Mobile app for buyers
  • list Built-in loyalty program