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Security – solutions you can trust

Whether you're running a small business or a large enterprise, our World-class Uptime is the perfect solution for ensuring that your IT infrastructure is always available and reliable.

Worldclass Uptime

Our standards of availability, performance, and quality are high and correspond to the world-class level.
It’s our main goal to provide our clients with the best service and give different businesses an opportunity to grow continuously, without availability loss.

Professional Antivirus

Our Professional Antivirus for Servers is the perfect solution for protecting your servers’ infrastructure from malware and cyber threats.
With advanced antivirus and anti-malware technology, our product detects and eliminates threats in real time, keeping your servers safe and secure.
Additionally, our product offers regular updates and patches to ensure that your servers are always protected against the latest threats.

Real-time Backup

Our Real-time Backup for Servers is designed to protect your data and minimize the risk of data loss.
With real-time backup, your data is being constantly backed up in the background, ensuring that your most recent data is always protected. Our platform uses advanced algorithms to minimize the impact on your servers’ performance and network bandwidth.
Our product also offers a web-based management console that allows you to monitor and manage the backup of your servers from a central location, making it easy to see the status of your servers, detect and resolve issues, and generate reports.

HTTPS Encryption for Data Transfer

Our HTTPS Encryption for Data Transfer provides the highest level of security for data transfer between a client and a server or a data bus.
Our product ensures that all data transferred between client and server or data bus is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, which is the industry standard for secure data transfer.
Our product also uses advanced algorithms to ensure that the encryption keys are constantly changing, making it impossible for hackers to intercept or decrypt the data.

Advanced Web Application Security

Our cybersecurity experts strictly monitor AGORAB2B’s code and ensure the platform’s protection to reduce any risk of possible vulnerabilities.
All the checks are made on a regular basis to protect confidential information and guarantee the continuity of business processes. The platform is protected against XSS, RFI, LFI, SQL Injection, CSRF/XSRF, and other types of attacks.

Secure Password Management

Passwords are not stored in plain text. We use advanced hashing algorithms using salt, such as `PBKDF2SHA1` (standard), `bcrypt` (optional), `SHA1` (optional). All sensitive data is encrypted.
Moreover, the stored information is protected from the most common threats known today aiming to hack and obtain personal data and passwords.