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Implementation scenario

Find out how we launch our solution to suit your business needs

Implementation scenario



To start working on the project, we conduct a complete evaluation of your requirements and, if necessary, give you recommendations on the project.


We focus on the product from the perspective of the end user – we write user stories, functional requirements and establish the implementation plan. After that, we begin the set-up process by adding necessary modules, configurating forms and fields to customize the platform for your particular need.


If you have additional requirements for the project, we can make any necessary developments on request and conduct full-scale monitoring of these adjustments.


We launch the project and continue monitoring its performance. Don’t hesitate to contact our support and ask for onboarding options.


Request for additional development at any stage to scale your business! Get your personal design, layout, additional integrations or functionalities. We won’t leave you alone with the platform! We offer basic and personalized onboarding & technical support packages.

The level of service you get by contracting AGORAB2B:

  • list Fast launch – get your MVP in 2-4 weeks
  • list Attentive support and onboarding for you and your clients
  • list Great expertise in e-commerce industry
  • list Flexibility and high availability – green SLAs for your business
  • list SaaS or On-Premise – start with the financial model that works for you
  • list Great potential for customization

Functions and options for creating a successful marketplace

  • list Allows to create a tailor-made corporate design for your B2C and B2B trading platform (marketplace)
  • list 200+ pluggable business modules
  • list Integration with accounting systems, CRM, SAP, etc.
  • list Online account for each user with customizable access, catalog, prices, special offers and other adjustable options
  • list Automatching of added products with existing categories and reference cards
  • list Marketing module: discounts, promotions, news
  • list Add products and other content manually or automatically - using Excel or through integration with ERP
  • list Roles and multiroles of employees (access rights management)

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