January 11, 2022

B2B Sales in E-Commerce: 5 Tips to Increase B2B Sales

The successful strategy in e-commerce is aimed at increasing b2b sales by attracting new b2b customers and retaining existing ones. The topic related to increasing sales and the number of regular customers will be discussed here.

The sales in B2B are more complex comparing to B2C. Acquiring new customers and retaining regular ones in b2b requires greater efforts of sales managers. In addition, regular customers are a great opportunity to promote new products. A loyal customer is about 70% more likely to buy a new product in comparison with a new customer. 

There are 5 tips to increase b2b sales and additionally acquire customers in the B2B e-commerce segment.

1. Customer profiles

When selling in B2B online, it's important to understand buyers' goals and objectives, their expectations, and product requirements in order to increase b2b sales. It’s important to investigate the different types of b2b customers, to determine the cost of engagement and the potential profits.

New customers. An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) helps to find perfect customers for a company. It is about determining their needs and designing the marketing strategy to get them interested.

Regular customers. Only 5% extra effort to retain customers would increase b2b sales and profits by 25 to 95%, according to Harvard Business School. The value of these customers is that you know them better. You simply need to create their profile based on Net Promoter Score (NPS or Customer Loyalty Index), as well as based on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV, customer lifetime value data).

Regular tracking of loyal customers' activities and purchases and learning their needs will help to reduce their churn.

2. Personalisation

Buyers who take advantage of B2B e-commerce tend to have less time and higher expectations. They require multi-factor personalization.

New customers. Divide them into groups with similar needs and purchasing power and use the platform's features to process customer data. In this way, you create a standard b2b customer profile. Based on their preferences, scope of activity, browser history, you can create personalized content.

Regular customers. Use algorithms of processing customer data and machine learning to analyze information about your regular customers to increase b2b sales. Therefore, you will be able to recommend the best products at the right time. In this way, our clients can understand they have made the right decision to do business with us.

Personalizing communication with b2b customers implies general characteristics, but at the same time individual approach. Your e-commerce portal should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface, offer a convenient and attractive catalog, and support all customer activities at each stage.

3. B2B customer support

Regular customers are always pleased with good service and support. At the same time, they will attract new b2b customers by disseminating information about your services.

Use any channels to get in touch quickly (online chats, chatbots, email, telephone, online website support) for solving problems, answering questions, and demonstrating the benefits of the product.

4. Customer confidence and trust

Transparent and open communication with regular and potential customers ensures their confidence and trust. How can you achieve this?

New customers. Encourage positive feedback from your customers, avoid reselling, keep the expected delivery date and ensure a transparent policy.

Regular customers. Respond to negative feedback and encourage positive feedback, be extremely careful with user data protection, and strive for a positive experience.

5. Motivation

Good motivation and encouragement in B2B have a positive effect on the likelihood of making a purchase.

New customers. The motivation for them can be a test, first-time discount, free shipping, assembly, installation, product demonstration.

Regular customers. They need encouragement for disseminating information in social networks, repeat purchases, and positive feedback on the website.

Loyal customers in b2b are also attracted by exclusive terms and conditions like early access to new products, personal discounts, and special references on positive cooperation. This will show your appreciation to such customers and encourage them to keep buying from you. You can also offer regular customers a referral program to encourage them to attract new ones.

Thus, to increase b2b sales you need to both increase the loyalty of regular b2b customers by converting them into your brand ambassadors, as well as attract new b2b customers.

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