June 15, 2022

Characteristics and stages of B2B sales

B2B wholesale business is actively exploring online sales, which brings good results. In the US market, going online results in a more than 50% increase of annual profit, with doubling of the sales rate.

Let’s see what B2B sales is, what are their special characteristics, and what benefits do wholesale companies get from transitioning to online platforms.

B2B sales: what is it?

B2B sales includes the sale of goods or services to wholesale and retail customers. The corporate sales market is distinguished by the following points:

Characteristics of B2B sales

In contrast to B2C, where customers being in the same position purchase goods at retail, in B2B e-Commerce customers require special conditions.


B2B Sales stages

The classic scheme of wholesale sales in B2B market consists of several stages:

  1. A client addresses a supplier and consults a manager about product features, delivery conditions and prices.
  2. The manager provides the buyer with a personal B2B catalog with the necessary assortment, minimum quantity of goods suitable for the buyer, individual prices and discounts depending on the size of an order.
  3. Availability of products in the supplier’s warehouse is checked.
  4. The next step is confirmation of individual terms of delivery. An order can only be sent if there is a specific item: for instance, construction materials are only shipped if the appropriate fasteners are available.
  5. An order is formed, the products of the order are booked or ordered from the supplier, the date of delivery is displayed to the client.
  6. The contract and accompanying documents for the order are prepared.
  7. The supplier issues an invoice and a universal transfer document.
  8. The buyer makes payment or confirms its execution in the future: for instance, provides a letter of guarantee.
  9. The order is collected. At this stage there may be delays due to the lack of required products in stock.
  10. Products are shipped and delivered to the customer.
  11. Related services are provided: late payment and debts are checked, act of reconciliation is issued, a product catalog, promotional materials, etc. are offered.

The B2B portal from Agora.ru helps automate and accelerate the stages of B2B sales. Thanks to this solution, the buyer receives most of the data in a ready-made form with no need to involve the supplier’s sales managers.

  1. After setting up the catalog assortment, product units, prices and discounts will be personalized for a specific client or group of clients.
  2. The availability of products in the warehouse is automatically confirmed by the supplier’s accounting system (for instance, SAP) that is connected to the B2B portal. At this stage of B2B sales you can place an order and book products, individuall terms of delivery are automatically confirmed by the system.
  3. The invoice, contract and related documents are automatically created by the B2B portal: the buyer only needs to download them. Payment confirmation can be automatically carried out at this stage of B2B sales.
  4. While the order is being collected and products are being shipped, the client can independently check the information on delays and debts, order the acts of reconciliation, export the electronic catalog, request promotional products or download layouts for printing.


Thus, the peculiarities of B2B sales turn them into a complex process constantly involving supplier’s managers. AGORA B2B portal allows to reduce company’s dependence on managers, free their time and concentrate it on the search for potential customers and development of the client base.

Besides, AGORA B2B portal also allows:

Ready-made functionality of the B2B solution from AGORA includes all of this.