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May 28 , 2023

Corporate portal for business - powerful growth of B2B sales

Progress keeps going forward and if you want to be at the top, you need to become a digital company. Implementation of B2B systems into business processes and moving to digital is becoming a necessity, even if employees or customers have some distrust of innovations.

For the healthy competition, large B2B companies (distributors, dealers) and manufacturers need to provide customers with effective online work tools: user-friendly catalog, personalized personal account and price lists, individual visualization of product items, configurable access rights, integration with internal and external systems, EDI (electronic data interchange). The in-house B2B system provides such possibilities.

A B2B portal is an online trading platform that automates the interaction of manufacturer, distributor, and customer (legal entities, corporate clients) and digitalizes b2b wholesale sales. AGORA was one of the first companies to introduce this term to the business IT landscape and to develop a business-oriented platform on the basis of which we implement professional B2B portals.

Thus, a portal for B2B sales evolved from CMS (Content Management System) and online shops/websites with a lack of functionalities for B2B business. Before the advent of the B2B platform, scaling and increasing the customer base could lead to communication gaps between the salesperson and the client, and mistakes due to human factors. A B2B platform shortens the sales process, which usually follows the routine scheme with many iterations: salesperson - price list mailing - order, stock reservation, calls - sending paper documentation. If there are hundreds or thousands of clients, this workflow reduces the effectiveness of the sales department.

b2b portal is the best solution for wholesale sales digitalization

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➩ How a B2B portal automates sales processes: goals and benefits

➩ Advantages for Professional B2B Portal Users and Owners

➩ B2B online portal based on the AGORA platform

How a B2B portal automates sales processes: goals and benefits

How can I understand that it's time to implement your own B2B portal? It's simple:

In addition, B2B portals of large FMCG networks are gaining popularity for introducing new products under private label model and other models. In this case, a B2B portal can successfully function as a convenient online system to work with distributors who do not use an EDI provider.

A b2b system has an impressive range of features to reach the goals listed above. Its main purpose is to automate routine tasks of the sales department which take up to 60% of working time and other business processes, to establish better interaction with customers for long-term partnerships.

The entire interaction process, from calling to closing a deal and signing documents, is fully digitalized, and the company gets the saved team resources. They can be used not exclusively to work with current clients, but also to increase the customer base and thus grow profits. Moreover, software for B2B sales permits increasing the existing sales team’s productivity without extending the staff on a regular basis.

routine tasks without b2b portal

Thus, for instance, AGORA optimized and structured the work of Dunlop Tires. With the implementation of the B2B portal, the company was able to increase revenue 5 times with the same number of employees. The company obtained its corporate sales portal with customized design and great usability, necessary product reservation, automatic collection of analytical data, and reports generation, a system that takes into account the particularities of the tire market.

The digital technologies of our own B2B sales platform allow:

Advantages for Professional B2B Portal Users and Owners

B2B orders follow a more complex pattern and require more time and effort than purchases in the B2C segment. Based on this, customers need to get convenient and effective tools that reduce the stages of order confirmation, checking the availability of goods, searching for analogs, negotiating, etc.

A well-designed and correctly implemented B2B platform satisfies the expectations of customers and simplifies their life, improves the quality of service, and provides the following functionality:

Advantages for b2b portal users and owners

By implementing corporate portal software, platform owners also gain competitive advantages:

As a result, the above-mentioned benefits for all parties of interaction give a powerful increase in B2B sales.

what gives b2b portal implementation

B2B online portal based on the AGORA platform

B2B portals are able to cover the needs of multiple market niches (automotive industry and heavy engineering, construction, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, banking, and others). Each niche has its own rules and particular patterns of interaction, which are taken into account in the implementation process of a B2B system based on the AGORA platform.

The introduction of an online B2B platform for wholesale sales digitization affects many business processes in the company. Developing a corporate sales portal can be costly without professional assistance and modern solutions.

The most effective method of creating a B2B portal is to develop the project based on the Agora platform due to its availability (SaaS subscription or purchase of an on-premise license – with installation in the client’s infrastructure), ease of customization for any specific company and many years of experience implementing complex eCommerce products. The AGORA team understands well the specifics of B2B portals in various industries.

A B2B portal based on the AGORA platform is:

The platform's flexible architecture allows making changes to the MVP product while testing hypotheses and receiving feedback from real customers. This is important because it solves the main problem when creating a B2B portal – being sought by users.

a b2b portal based on the AGORA

Digitalization of sales and optimization of the sales department workflow using a B2B portal result in an increase in the company's wholesale sales and expansion of its market presence, improve service, and provide opportunities for development and rapid scaling.

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