For over 10 years we have been developing and implementing effective B2B e-commerce solutions. During this time, more than 500 projects of varying degrees of complexity have been successfully implemented. This section presents only a few examples of the company's developments, which are presented in the form of B2B and B2C cases.

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michelin site preview


MICHELIN has been manufacturing tires using its technology since 1891. The assortment is not limited to models for cars. There are also tires for bicycles and scooters, mopeds and scooters, trucks, commercial and public transport, for construction and agricultural machinery, and even for aircraft and space devices. In addition, Michelin is a recognized leader in restaurant guides ("Red Guide") and other types of maps.


B2B Marketplace, Automotive

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Solution from agora:
  • Cloud-based B2B marketplace from AGORA to automate MICHELIN's trilateral supply chains: 102 distributors, more than 10,000 buyers and 28 dealers.
  • Automating transactions for different types of tires with a BPM module.
  • Personalized catalog, prices and personal accounts for dealers and other contractors. Assignment of different access rights.
  • EDI (electronic document interchange), including approving contracts of new contractors in the customer's business system, which takes only 10 working days instead of 20 days without automation.
  • Online control of vendor stock (synchronized product-matching).
  • Timely aggregation of master data (product offerings), collecting statistics and analytics.
  • Constantly updated sales history of the distribution network, which enables Michelin to forecast delivery volumes to its warehouses up to 50% more accurately.
  • Intelligent search engine ElasticSearch with single or full-text search options.
za rulem site preview

Za Rulem

AutoComplex Za Rulem is a large company established in 2005. It specializes in selling spare parts and providing a wide range of services related to the service and diagnostics of cars and off-road vehicles.


B2C Marketplace, Automotive

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Solution from agora:
  • A handy B2C marketplace aimed to automate the process of tires and rims retailing.
  • Personal accounts with different access levels.
  • Electronic document interchange.
  • Displaying the advertisements for used tires and rims.
  • Integration with ADRIVER advertising platform.
  • Automatic matching of suppliers' price lists with the current catalog of goods.
  • Statistics and analytics on stock balances, number of orders, and other indicators.
  • Full-text search engine ElasticSearch.
tire solutions llc site preview

Tire Solutions LLC

Tyre Solutions LLC is a large retail and wholesale distributor of a wide range of tires and rims manufactured by well-known brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Yokohama and many others. The company has been one of the leaders in its market segment for more than 15 years.


B2B Portal, Automotive

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Solution from agora:
  • AGORA-based cloud B2B portal able to handle heavy loads, high trade volumes and the simultaneous activities of hundreds of dealers.
  • A dealer portal is specifically designed around the needs of the tire market: lots of small buying companies and urgent book tires for a specific customer.
  • Initially, Tire Solutions LLC preferred a standard AGORA backend with a basic interface for its B2B portal. It was customized in design and usability in a short time. A modern SPA application model with React JavaScript was used for this purpose.
  • A standard component base was used for comfortable implementation. In this way, the development of custom components was avoided, thus speeding up the implementation process.
  • A personal account with personalized prices, catalog, contracts and special offers is provided for each user in a one-stop shop.
  • The wholesale portal is integrated with 1C. Balances of goods are available in real-time. Reservation is available. External API allows dealers to integrate into a B2B personal account on the portal.
  • Electronic document interchange for sales transactions and other documentation is available within the portal.
  • Export Manager module (PIM, or Product Information Management) to upload or export data to other systems, for example, to external marketplaces or online shops. The selection by assortment and filter to upload the required content in different formats (Excel, Yml, or others) is available.
  • Automatic collection of analytical data and generation of reports.
autoexpert site prev


The large company Autoexpert specializes in wholesale and retail sales of tires and rims both for cars and trucks, building transport, loading equipment and public transport vehicles.

It works with both small companies and large retail networks in the wholesale segment. In addition to selling goods via the wholesale online shop, the company has a fleet of vehicles to deliver ordered tires all over the country. The company has workshops for tire fitting and repair works, both in-house and outside.


B2B Portal, Automotive

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Solution from agora:
  • The AGORA portal, which can simultaneously provide online service to many users with different levels of access: from large corporate clients, service companies to small dealerships and car repair shops.
  • The wholesale online shop provides a concise standard interface based on a constructor and with bi-directional integration.
  • Personal account for each user with individual contracts, prices, catalog, special offers.
  • Option to purchase online with processing documentation via EDI within the AutoExpert B2B portal.
  • Multi-step transactions based on the workflow configurator: multiple steps can be created for each transaction by configuring specific permissions for users, as well as automatic actions of the b2b system.
  • Export Manager (Product Information Management) to upload product information to external marketplaces, online shops, or other systems. Sorting by item and by categories is possible. Different export formats are available (Yml, Excel, etc.).
  • The intelligent search engine ElasticSearch allows selecting items by wheel size, vehicle model, manufacturer and other characteristics.  A proprietary compatibility database (product-matching) is used to ensure the most accurate and fastest search.
  • Automatic analytical data collection and report generation.

Solution features. Within this b2b e-commerce case study a new model of implementation was carried out for the B2B portal of AutoExpert. A personal product manager was assigned by AGORA. Full outsourced technical support for the project was provided: from obtaining customer needs to delivering specific technical solutions. The convenience is in direct communication with the developer. A specialist from the AGORA side was provided, instead of a manager from the customer's company. This results in a direct and correct solution to the customer's request, with control of the final technical solution. Maximum professionalism and experience in implementation support.

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The company Dixel is engaged in supplying car lighting, ignition units, car windows, and other related categories of the automotive business. It focuses on Moscow and the Moscow region, with the ability to deliver to some other regions of Russia. It has been successfully operating on the market since 2008. The number of items in the catalog is several thousand.


B2B Portal, Automotive

dixel logo
Solution from agora:
  • A complex task of pricing with converting price tags has been performed. As some items from the company's catalog are imported, their prices are automatically converted into rubles on the platform at the current exchange rate of the Central Bank and in compliance with Russian legislation.
  • Within the catalog, all price changes are integrated, with the ability to display prices individually according to product groups and user requirements.
  • Personalization of the catalog, price list, special offers, and other services for each dealer.
  • A rather difficult (for the unique features of this case) and crucial task of integration with 1C was solved.
  • Good functioning of all system components, despite the difficulties of organizing processes and real-time price conversion.
  • Automation of business activities by 70% has been achieved, freeing up valuable resources to improve customer service and optimize sales.
  • Easy and user-friendly operations, also due to implementation of the full-text search engine ElasticSearch and other features.