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Case Studies of B2B Marketplaces Launched with Agora

AGORA cases on the developing and launching B2B marketplaces demonstrate that a quick test of a startup hypothesis or business strategy is possible! There is no point in spending a lot of time and a huge amount of money to develop a B2B Marketplace from scratch. The optimal decision is to order a ready-to-use out-of-the-box solution based on the AGORA platform. Learn more about case studies of the successfully implemented solutions for such companies as VTB Bank, Michelin, Evotor, and many others.

michelin site preview


MICHELIN has been manufacturing tires using its technology since 1891. The assortment is not limited to models for cars. There are also tires for bicycles and scooters, mopeds, trucks, commercial and public transport, used for construction, agricultural machinery, and even for aircraft and space devices. In addition, Michelin is a recognized leader in restaurant guides ("Red Guide") and other types of maps.


B2B Marketplace, Automotive

michelin logo
Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • Cloud-based B2B marketplace from AGORAB2B to automate MICHELIN's trilateral supply chains: 102 distributors, more than 10,000 buyers and 28 dealers.
  • Automating transactions for different types of tires with a BPM module.
  • Personalized catalog, prices and personal accounts for dealers and other contractors. Assignment of different access rights.
  • EDI (electronic document interchange), including approving contracts of new contractors in the customer's business system, which takes only 10 working days instead of 20 days without automation.
  • Online control of vendor stock (synchronized product-matching).
  • Timely aggregation of master data (product offerings), collecting statistics and analytics.
  • Constantly updated sales history of the distribution network, which enables Michelin to forecast delivery volumes to its warehouses up to 50% more accurately.
  • Intelligent search engine ElasticSearch with single or full-text search options.
pjsc enel site preview


PJSC Enel is an energy company focused on generating electricity and heat and further selling them on the B2B market. The international energy group Enel is among the largest corporations in the sector. In 2015, it was ranked 5th on the Fortune as a company with a significant impact on global socio-environmental issues.

Besides, the power generating company PJSC Enel provides electrical and heat supply to the industrial sector and household consumers.


B2B Marketplace, Shop of Idle Assets

pjsc enel logo
Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • AGORAB2B-based marketplace integrated with SAP developed for PJSC Enel to sell idle assets. It supports import and export of master data from SAP system which runs PJSC Enel business processes.
  • The AGORAB2B-based B2B marketplace enables the sale of unused and idle raw materials, goods, and inventories balances used for production and commercial activities of PJSC Enel.
  • The B2B e-shop is a secure web portal. It is a B2B marketplace, for buyers interested in purchasing idle goods at a good price.
  • The marketplace provides a personal account for each buyer to access a current catalog uploaded from SAP.
  • A manager of PJSC "Enel" works on the site. He controls the uploading of information and sets prices for idle and unused items displayed in the catalog. The data of the product catalog is regularly updated. Online orders can be placed 24/7.
  • Notifications about new purchases and other customer requests are quickly displayed online for managers. This enables efficient and fast communication with partners.
  • Engaged users of the marketplace for idle assets can be registered on the marketplace and can participate in purchasing raw materials or goods in several ways:
  1. Purchasing according to the auction model. The goods are offered at the minimum acceptable price, but the selling company PJSC Enel aims to get the highest price for the item sold at auction.
  2. Buying items from the catalog at a fixed price.
  3. Communicating with the vendor's manager to request a discount or to place an order directly.

The result of this B2B e-commerce case study is the AGORAB2B-based B2B marketplace of PJSC Enel. It is a wholesale portal with an auction sale feature. Such a solution ensures the highest prices for the seller. At the same time, interested B2B buyers have an opportunity to purchase goods on favorable terms. It improves the service of orders and maintains the loyalty of the wholesale buyers who use the online system.

dekomo site prev


The company DEKOMO has been engaged in the wholesale of lighting systems for home interiors, as well as models for offices, shops, and special lighting for industrial companies since 2010. The wholesale of upholstery and cabinet furniture, decorative items and textiles has been chosen as an additional business line.


B2B Marketplace, Wholesale

dekomo logo
Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • B2B service portal for dealers and online shops can perform at an optimum level even with large loads: several hundred dealers, more than 150 lighting brands, more than 100 furniture brands, 44 decor brands and 52 textile brands.
  • Automation of a complex order management system.
  • Deep personalization of pricing, assortment, and personal accounts for partners.
  • Electronic document interchange.
  • Bi-directional integration with ERP 8.3 MT.
  • Possibility to reserve balances from suppliers.
  • Scaling sales without additional resources and workforce.
  • Full-text search engine ElasticSearch.
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android OS.
  • Significant savings of financial resources for the company due to eliminating the permanent hiring of managers for processing orders and advising customers. These operations are handled perfectly and automatically by the AGORAB2B-based b2b platform.
fabrikant site preview


Fabrikant is a federal e-shop founded in 2005. It is one of the acknowledged leaders in the e-commerce market. Nowadays the portal is used by more than 10,000 buyers and 630,000 suppliers.


B2B Marketplace

fabrikant logo
Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • E-store for low-value procurements in compliance with to legislation can perform at an optimum level even with large daily loads.
  • Personalized private accounts for suppliers and customers.
  • Electronic store for customers without authorization.
  • Automatic matching of five lots according to the request at the best price and with the best delivery time.
  • Integration with the Fabrikant TP API.
  • Online support, including a chat with the manager.
  • Compared to the classic model of the procurement solution "Fabrikant", the platform, described in this b2b e-commerce case study, allows customers to find the best prices and the best suppliers for small procurements at least 2-3 times faster and more efficiently.
hubstock site prev


The Hubstock service focuses on the supply to food processing companies. It enables profitable sales and purchases of raw materials, food ingredients and materials, special equipment, and other components necessary for the complete supply to food manufacturing.


B2B Marketplace, Wholesale

hubstock logo
Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • AGORAB2B-based Cloud b2b platform for Hubstock to purchase ingredients, automating the acceptance, registration and processing of wholesale orders.
  • Saves managers time on customer support.
  • Personalized prices, personal account and catalog for each partner.
  • Powerful database of regulatory information: master ingredients cards and integration with State Standard requirements.
    EDI, including multi-step transactions and fast contract approvals.
  • Integrated product constructor to accept only consistent product data from suppliers.
  • Automated process of product quality control.
  • Intelligent selection of ingredients within the database (categories, goods, listings) through full-text search engine ElasticSearch.
  • Always available current information on the transaction progress and documentation.  Analytics and statistics (the obtained data can be used to improve the performance of the sales department).
jsc spetsenergotrans site preview

JSC Spetsenergotrans

JSC Spetsenergotrans was founded in 2008. It provides logistic services to metallurgical, construction, and fuel and energy companies. The company's fleet of over 17,000 units includes vehicles of different types used for different purposes. Types of cargo are equipment and machinery, metals, pipe products, construction, and engineering materials.


B2B Marketplace, Logistics

jsc spetsenergotrans logo
Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • Ready-made out-of-the-box solution with immediate start, adjusted according to the requirements of "Spetsenergotrans" and with additional business modules.
  • Used spare parts are available in the B2B online catalog for fast delivery after request.
  • Quality and detailed description of each product.
  • Updated information on stock balances and availability of items in a particular warehouse. The number and location of spare parts in the warehouse can also be checked via a handy online map.
  • Price lists with a selection by item.
  • Online ordering and payment within the AGORAB2B-based B2B marketplace of "Spetsenergotrans".
  • Affordable value for customers due to a naturally competitive environment within the marketplace.
  • EDI. Electronic document interchange enables the online signing of contracts, specifications, invoices, and other documentation.
  • Automated matching. Substantial time saving achieved due to automated search of suppliers of the required items within the general price list.
  • Easy search by specific parameters within the B2B marketplace due to smart ElasticSearch.
  • The marketplace owner can charge a fee for suppliers' products, thus monetizing his marketplace.
  • Secured trilateral transaction scheme: the supplier sells the product to the marketplace (the marketplace owner), the marketplace sells the product to the customer.

The final result of this b2b e-commerce case study is a B2B marketplace similar to YandexMarket. The difference is customization. Relevance of the marketplace: fast and comfortable delivery of spare parts and consumables to customers at the best prices. It is an excellent opportunity for suppliers to sell used parts of good quality at a favorable price.

The customized interface for the B2B site “Spetsenergotrans” was developed in 2020 to replace the original standard AGORAB2B interface. Extensive work was carried out to implement the new design and features according to the SPA application model. The current project continues operating with integration of a new layout, interface, design, and additional features.

evotor website preview


Evotor is a company manufacturing and selling smart terminals and other related online services for a business. A wide range of terminals and applications corresponding to the legislative requirements, including operation according to the Federal Law №54 and EGAIS.


B2B Marketplace, Wholesale

evotor logo
Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • Development of a cloud-based B2B portal capable to operate stably with large turnover, a large number of orders and users working simultaneously with the system (more than 2000 dealers with the option to scale the number of partners).
  • Automating the process of selling terminals, services, accessories and consumables.
  • Development of a convenient personal account for dealers.
  • Personalized catalog for each dealer: prices, assortment, order tracking and other options.
  • Integration with ERP 2.2. Order management.

The result of this b2b e-commerce case study for Evotor: significant time and cost savings as a result of the development of the efficient B2B platform.