Case Studies of B2B Solutions for Shop of Unused & Idle Assets

The shop of surplus & idle assets based on the powerful AGORA B2B platform is the set of solutions to automate the sales of unused assets. It enables profitable and prompt selling out of idle assets, raw materials, and surplus inventories used in manufacturing or other commercial activities of the enterprise. Designed and implemented system can handle impressive loads. The solution provides a customized private account for each user, easy download (or export) of data from ERP and CRM systems, and the ability to integrate these systems with the marketplace.
The shop of surplus & idle assets is the most profitable, easy, and convenient way to sell idle assets and goods from the warehouse!

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PJSC Enel Russia

PJSC Enel Russia is an energy company focused on generating electricity and heat and on further selling them on the B2B market. The international energy group Enel Russia is among the largest corporations in the sector. In 2015 it was ranked 5th in the Fortune as a company with a significant impact on global socio-environmental issues.

At the same time, the generating company PJSC Enel Russia provides electrical and heat supply to the industrial sector and household consumers in several regions of the Russian Federation: Tver Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Murmansk Region, Rostov Region and others.


B2B Marketplace, Shop of Idle Assets

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Solution from agora:
  • AGORA-based marketplace for PJSC Enel Russia to sell idle assets integrated with SAP. Supports import and export of master data from SAP system which runs in PJSC Enel Russia business processes.
  • The AGORA-based B2B marketplace enables the sale of unused and idle raw materials, goods, and inventories balances used for production and commercial activities of PJSC Enel Russia.
  • The B2B e-shop is a secure web portal. It is a B2B marketplace, for buyers interested in purchasing idle goods at a good price.
  • The marketplace provides a personal account for each buyer to access a current catalog uploaded from SAP.
  • A manager of PJSC "Enel Russia" works on the site. He controls the uploading of information and sets prices for idle and unused items displayed in the catalog. The data in the product catalog is regularly updated. Online orders can be placed 24/7.
  • Notifications about new purchases and other customer requests are quickly displayed online for managers. This enables efficient and fast communication with partners.
  • Engaged users of the marketplace for idle assets can be registered on the marketplace and can participate in purchasing raw materials or goods in several ways:
  1. Purchases according to the auction model. The goods are offered at the minimum acceptable price, but the selling company PJSC Enel Russia aims to get the highest price for the item sold at the auction.
  2. Buying items from the catalog at a fixed price.
  3. To communicate with the vendor's manager to request a discount or to place an order directly.

The result of this B2B e-commerce case study is the AGORA-based B2B marketplace of PJSC Enel Russia. It is a wholesale portal with an auction sale feature. Such a solution ensures the highest prices for the seller. At the same time, a lot of interested B2B buyers have an opportunity to purchase goods on favorable terms. It also improves the service of orders and maintains the loyalty of the wholesale buyers who use the online system.