For over 10 years we have been developing and implementing effective B2B e-commerce solutions. During this time, more than 500 projects of varying degrees of complexity have been successfully implemented. This section presents only a few examples of the company's developments, which are presented in the form of B2B and B2C cases.

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RailAlliance LLC is a large Russian company supplying a wide range of components for JSC Russian Railways, SUE Moskovsky Metropolitan. It is a part of the Transmashholding JSC (TMH) group - a leading manufacturer of railway and urban rail transport in the Russian Federation and CIS.


E-procurement, Mechanical Engineering

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Solution from agora:
  • Implementation of AGORA's electronic trading platform 223, enabling reduction of costs and competitive procurement. Substantial savings, including lower final procurement prices on 20-30 % lower than the average market prices. Cost reduction reached 4% after launching the e-trading platform.
  • Electronic trading platform with a full cycle of procedures: price request, commercial proposals, tenders, item-by-item, multi-lot, multi-stage and other procurements.
  • Electronic document interchange (EDI) with a digital signature.
  • Integration with ERP, 1C.
  • Vendor certification and qualification mechanism within the platform.
  • High volumes of procurements managed in parallel, with a high performance of the system.
  • An electronic store for low-volume procurements that can be used not only by purchasers. The module is also available as an integrated b2b portal with order processing, order tracking, and other basic operations.
  • Production Management.
  • Integration with TMH logistics service.
  • Developing full SCM (Supply Chain Management) cycle within AGORA platform.
  • Full-text search ElasticSearch.
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Limak has been engaged in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of bakery products, flour, pasta and confectionery since 1992.


E-procurement, Manufacturing

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Solution from agora:
  • The Agora-based electronic tender system according to 223 FL for Limak: procurements, requests for prices, tenders, commercial proposals, reductions and other operations.
  • Reducing costs and maximizing the competitiveness of the procurements due to processes automation.
  • Personalized private account for each user of the system.
  • Electronic document interchange with digital signature option.
  • Integration with 1C.
  • Building the completed SCM (Supply Chain Management) cycle within the platform.
  • Smart Search Engine ElasticSearch.