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E-Procurement Software and Solutions

E-procurement is a complex multi-stage operation. However, even the most complex procurement process can be automated and significantly simplified, that can be proven by case studies of already implemented e-procurement solutions based on the AGORA platform.

Learn more about case studies of e-procurement platforms with all the necessary modules for modern customers and suppliers.

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Limak has been engaged in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of bakery products, flour, pasta and confectionery since 1992.


E-Procurement, Manufacturing

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Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • The AGORAB2B-based electronic tender system according to the Federal Law №223  for Limak: procurements, requests for prices, tenders, commercial proposals, reductions and other operations.
  • Reducing costs and maximizing the competitiveness of the procurements due to processes automation.
  • Personalized private account for each user of the system.
  • Electronic document interchange with digital signature option.
  • Integration with ERP.
  • Building the completed SCM (Supply Chain Management) cycle within the platform.
  • Smart Search Engine ElasticSearch.