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Case Studies of B2B Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

The B2B platforms for the manufacturing industry maximize the automation of the acceptance, processing, and fulfillment of wholesale orders. That is an online system facilitating the work of sales managers and other company staff. The platform provides wholesale customers with access to customized private accounts, online ordering, reservations, and other features. The catalog, price list, and terms of service can be customized for each dealer.

The platform also provides users with an electronic documents interchange, integration with ERP and SPA, and applications.

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Lesaffre is a manufacturing company founded in 1853. It is one of the world leaders in manufacturing yeast and other fermentation bases. It has 66 plants in 185 countries.


B2B Portal, Manufacturing

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Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • A cloud-based B2B platform automating the acceptance of bulk orders and multi-stage order management and approvals. Apart from increased overall efficiency, it has significantly reduced the workload of managers and other employees of CustomerService.
  • Improved quality and significantly reduced time of orders processing due to automated sales of the 5 plants.
  • Personalized product catalog and users’ accounts.
  • Electronic document interchange.
  • Integration with SAP R3 in IDOC format at the level of orders exchange, synchronization of data on materials, balances, and prices.
  • A mechanism for customer procurement planning.
  • An analytical system with detailed reports. Built-in end-to-end analytics of the transaction processing enabled optimization of shipment processing, reduced the probability of errors, and eliminated bottlenecks.
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The company Nanotech was established in 2004. It is engaged in the development and production of lubricants with various applications and characteristics.


B2B Portal, Manufacturing

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Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • A cloud-based B2B platform developed to automate and simplify the process of accepting and processing wholesale orders with reservations and other features.
  • Saving managers' time spent on customer support during the sales process and after order placement.
  • Personalization of a personal account, catalog, and price lists for dealers.
  • Bi-directional integration with ERP.
  • Electronic document interchange.
  • The up-to-date information on the transaction progress, documentation status and all necessary statistical data.
  • Convenient ElasticSearch module for fast full-text search.
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Limak has been engaged in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of bakery products, flour, pasta and confectionery since 1992.


E-Procurement, Manufacturing

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Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • The AGORAB2B-based electronic tender system according to the Federal Law №223  for Limak: procurements, requests for prices, tenders, commercial proposals, reductions and other operations.
  • Reducing costs and maximizing the competitiveness of the procurements due to processes automation.
  • Personalized private account for each user of the system.
  • Electronic document interchange with digital signature option.
  • Integration with ERP.
  • Building the completed SCM (Supply Chain Management) cycle within the platform.
  • Smart Search Engine ElasticSearch.