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Case Studies of B2B Solutions for the Logistics Industry

The B2B platform for the transport logistics industry is an example of an online system designed to completely transform business processes.

AGORA-based logistics solutions are automated, eliminating the risk of downtime or problems of paying insufficient attention to contractors. All the necessary features for B2B customers and partners are available in the private account 24/7. All orders can be placed online automatically with a calculation of the service cost. The EDI allows you to create and sign documents online. It is a considerable saving of time and resources!

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JSC Spetsenergotrans

JSC Spetsenergotrans was founded in 2008. It provides logistic services to metallurgical, construction, and fuel and energy companies. The company's fleet of over 17,000 units includes vehicles of different types used for different purposes. Types of cargo are equipment and machinery, metals, pipe products, construction, and engineering materials.


B2B Marketplace, Logistics

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Solution from AGORAB2B:
  • Ready-made out-of-the-box solution with immediate start, adjusted according to the requirements of "Spetsenergotrans" and with additional business modules.
  • Used spare parts are available in the B2B online catalog for fast delivery after request.
  • Quality and detailed description of each product.
  • Updated information on stock balances and availability of items in a particular warehouse. The number and location of spare parts in the warehouse can also be checked via a handy online map.
  • Price lists with a selection by item.
  • Online ordering and payment within the AGORAB2B-based B2B marketplace of "Spetsenergotrans".
  • Affordable value for customers due to a naturally competitive environment within the marketplace.
  • EDI. Electronic document interchange enables the online signing of contracts, specifications, invoices, and other documentation.
  • Automated matching. Substantial time saving achieved due to automated search of suppliers of the required items within the general price list.
  • Easy search by specific parameters within the B2B marketplace due to smart ElasticSearch.
  • The marketplace owner can charge a fee for suppliers' products, thus monetizing his marketplace.
  • Secured trilateral transaction scheme: the supplier sells the product to the marketplace (the marketplace owner), the marketplace sells the product to the customer.

The final result of this b2b e-commerce case study is a B2B marketplace similar to YandexMarket. The difference is customization. Relevance of the marketplace: fast and comfortable delivery of spare parts and consumables to customers at the best prices. It is an excellent opportunity for suppliers to sell used parts of good quality at a favorable price.

The customized interface for the B2B site “Spetsenergotrans” was developed in 2020 to replace the original standard AGORAB2B interface. Extensive work was carried out to implement the new design and features according to the SPA application model. The current project continues operating with integration of a new layout, interface, design, and additional features.